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About the program

  • The program was established in June 2004.
  • At present, it has about 4000 agents from various regions of Russia and CIS countries registered.
  • The program gives the agents the opportunity to accumulate Bonus Rubles by issuing air tickets for Ural Airlines flights on Ural Airlines' forms 262, on the forms of the interline partners and on neutral TKP (the Transport Clearing House of Russia and CIS) forms.
  • You may use Bonus Rubles to issue a bonus ticket for any scheduled flight of Ural Airlines or pass the bonus ticket to your relative or friend!
  • If the Bonus Rubles are not enough for the bonus ticket, the agent may  the needed amount of Bonus Rubles for cash. 1 Bonus Ruble = 1 Russian ruble.
  • Bonus Rubles may be exchanged for gift certificates of a perfumery supermarket, a sport shop, a mobile phone shop, or a restaurant.
  • Membership in the program also entitles you to discounts in the network of the Airline's partners (banks, restaurants, hotels, fitness centres, entertainment industry).
  • The three-level system of the program makes it possible for you to become holder of a (you have to accumulate 25000 Bonus Rubles within a year) or a card (you have to accumulate 35000 Bonus Rubles within a year), which give you additional privileges.
  • Each agent which is a member of the program will be able to see their personal account on the Airline's official Web site www.uralairlines.com or by telephone (call +7800 2000 262 – the Information Service of the Airline).
  • It is very simple to become a member: just fill in the membership application form on the Web site or in the office of the Airline's authorized representative in your city!

Справочная служба / Hotline 24/7

8 800 7700 262
8 (343) 345–36–45

Центр программы «Крылья» / Wings Programm Hotline
8 (343) 345–36–44

Адрес: 620025, Россия, Екатеринбург,
пер. Утренний, 1г, СИТА SVXTOU6
Address: 620025, Russia, Ekaterinburg,
Utrenniy line, 1G, SITA SVXTOU6
e-mail: info@uralairlines.ru

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